We are a self funded online ministry dedicated to sharing the Bible truth about hell from the Word of God. We have 16 websites covering various important Bible topics. We recognize the importance and urgency of seeking after the Bible truth and living according to it, and also preparing for the soon return of Christ Jesus. Our teachings and beliefs are in line with the early Seventh-day Adventist Church.


We believe the the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that it is the SOLE authority on which we should place our faith. The Word of God is above any "church" or world leader and should be used for all doctrines, for correction and instruction. We believe that God is a loving God who would not burn the lost for eternity in flames of fire, without end. We believe that God will destroy the wicked and they will cease to exist. We believe that Christ Jesus gave up His high position in the heavenly kingdom and came to this world as fully man to pay the price for our past sins, and it is only through repentance and believing on the sacrifice of Christ that our sins can be forgiven. We believe that we are only saved by the free gift of grace that God has bestowed upon us, not by our own works. But, we believe that a true believer in Christ will produce obedience to God's law and His Word and will do good works out of love for Him. We believe that if we walk with Jesus, then He will send His Holy Spirit to guide us and help us walk in His footsteps.


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We cannot claim copyright on this information as Jesus Christ owns it all. Therefore you are free to use any information on this website for your own personal use. If you publish any of this information on a website, then all we ask is for you to mention this site. Thank you.